About us

The Limited Liability Private Company ‘SV TRANSPORT’ was established on 29 January 2007.

Enterprise code: 300638803, VAT code: LT100002891715.

Basic activity is organization of freight transportation by own proper transport and the transport owned by Šiaurės Vilkas UAB. We can offer a depot consisting of over 70 motor vehicles for meeting your needs: trailers RENAULT, VOLVO, SCANIA and semi trailers of volume of 82-92 cbm as well as auto trains of volume of 115 cbm, tankers and dumpers for transportation of powdery loads.

All motor vehicles are equipped with mobile connection and navigation means. All the freight transported by SV TRANSPORT UAB is insured in accordance with CMR. The freight can be insured additionally, if necessary.

The employed depot of motor vehicles and the professional staff of dispatchers secure timely pickup and delivery of the freight at the indicated address. Basic routes involve driving from/to Germany, Austria, France, Spain, the Baltic States and the CIS countries.

Šiaurės Vilkas UAB is the founder and the one hundred-percent shareholder of SV TRANSPORT UAB.